Ayrn Clarson


17 Lunar Cycles

Hair colour


Eye colour





120 lbs



Place of Origin




Date of Birth

64th of Marrnek, Lunar Cycle 5583 in the Era of Rebirth (aka The Pre-Alliance Era)

Why does everyone always look at me like that?
— Ayrn Clarson


Ayrn was put into foster care in the village of Norbick at a very young age. Ayrn was then adopted by a scholar 5 cycles later by the name of Eric Clarson. Eric then raised her by himself in the village of Solfear for 12 cycles.


Ayrn has grown very independent and very clever. She also was well known to cause trouble and was very rebellious, challenging and questioning the laws and customs of the human kingdom. She also was very secretive of her deeper and more intimate feelings and has become very nurturing and caring underneath her dark exterior. She also has a great fear of snakes and all serpentine creatures and almost never completely removes all her clothing, caused by a certain event that happens early on during her adventure.

Founded PowersEdit

After Ayrn was taken by the Shrouded Order she was told she had a large amount of shadow magic flowing through her veins. They wished to train her to become one of there agents. She then learned the basics in there magical arts and fighting style to make her escape, along with The Tome of Shadow. With The Tome of Shadow she slowly learns more of the art of shadow magic. The basic spells and abilities she learns are:

Ayrn learns many other spells and abilities through out her travels across Theophia.