Irae Hellsbane


23 Lunar Cycles

Scale colour

Forest Green

Eye colour





300 lbs



Place of Origin

New Vanderrok



Date of Birth

33rd of Marret, Lunar Cycle 60 in the Era of Retaking (aka The Allied Era)

Only I can see the truth behind my race.
— Irae Hellsbane


Irae ran away from the orphanage he was dropped at after his parents perished in a fire which he ordered Aerixx to cause. He manipulated Aerixx for quite some time, using his rather high intellect to his advantage. One day he escaped from the orphanage, with his brother following a week after. He was later "adopted" by none other than the Doraxx King. They raised him to use his immense mind to aide the Doraxx. Eventually he convinced himself that he never gave the order for Aerixx to destroy their home. As such, he believes all Theraxx people, especially Aerixx, are evil, and that the Doraxx are using their dark powers to cleanse the world of their corruption.


Irae always disliked being around others. From his hatching, he understood many concepts a newborn never would. He fully understood that his unborn sister was a stillborn. This caused him to develop a slight mental problem, scarring him for life in a way. He was disgusted by Aerixx's naivety to the situation and started gaining a dislike for him at an incredibly young age. He is deceptive and uncaring, rude and snide. He definitely takes after his reptilian origins.


Ardin HellsbaneEdit

Irae's biological father. He was a well-respected and loved artisan. When news that his wife was about to lay eggs arose, much celebration was had. He perished under the burning collapsing building, in a succeeded attempt to save Aerixx and Irae from certain death.

Myra HellsbaneEdit

Irae's biological mother. She, like her husband Ardin, was a beloved artisan and known as a kind loving figure to most of the Therian peoples. However, she had a dark secret. She was involved in aiding the Doraxx in some unknown way. When she was unable to deliver the goods she promised to them, they sent someone after her. The Doraxx almost killed her just before Irae ordered his brother Aerixx to burn the house down. Ardin killed that specific Doraxx shortly before he perished.

Aerixx HellsbaneEdit

Irae's triplet brother. see Aerixx Hellsbane

Unborn SisterEdit

Irae's triplet sister. She died in her egg due to unknown reasons. He blames Aerixx for her demise, and as such has always held a grudge towards him.

King DrütokEdit

Somewhat considered Irae's adoptive father. In reality, he is just using him, but Irae views him as a father figure. see King Drütok