28 Lunar Cycles

Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour

Light blue




130 lbs



Place of Origin




Date of Birth

69th of Marret, Lunar Cycle 52 in the Era of Retaking (aka The Allied Era)

*Cold, dead eyed stare*
— Mayakovsky


Mitchell was born, that much is certain. He is, after all, human. He was also found on the doorstep of Jillian and Hamish's little house. Raised in a poor but loving home, he was a good boy who tried his best. When his parents died (one in an incident at the armory, the other of malnutrition), he was left penniless and unable to afford food, having been forced to barter his home to settle his guardian's debt. To afford food, he found someone to help him rob a bank; this went off almost perfectly, until the local law enforcement found his co-conspirator. Mitchell was promptly sold out for a reduced sentence. Mitchell was banished for a decade after being forced to liquidate his assets (which didn't take long, as there were none).
He travelled East, choosing to change his name to Mayakovsky in order avoid recognition and the memories of his "parents" and his almost-heist. On his travels East, his magical prowess improved while the mountains grew closer, promising shelter. He became accustomed to killing small creatures to feed himself as the memory of his crime partner festered in the back of his mind, leading to very little respect for other people, those that seemed weak, and life itself. Over his decade, he stopped caring about life or death. If he could not destroy the obstacle that lay stood in his path, he would at least try. He grew bored with meandering aimlessly through the wilderness, and so went back to society; unfortunately, this meant getting a job. Shortly after, he met Rodney, then Aerixx and the rest of what has become... the group he travels with in attempt to save the world. He justifies going on this errand for the King by telling himself "My job was so fucking boring, I would have gotten banished again eventually,".


He enjoys maiming civilians. And anyone else he can find, really. He despises loud, weak, and whiny beings. His people skills are not strong, despite spending some time amongst people.